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Una storia di passione per il vino


The history of wine in Valtellina has millenary origins, since the age of the Roman empire the valley has represented an important connecting area between the populations of northern Italy and those of neighboring states as well as an ideal place to grow grapevines. The Romans used to carry the cuttings by hand, for them the vineyards had a strong symbolic meaning: in this land we are here to stay, not just passing through. In the following centuries, particularly with the advent of the Lombards, Valtellina experienced a consistent development of vineyard cultivation with its trade expanding considerably between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries when the Visconti and the Sforza used to grant specific privileges to local farmers in order to secure their precious wine. The exploitation of steep terrain through the technique of terraces built with dry stone walls has gradually made the territory one of the largest terraced wine areas in the world, passing down to today the living testimony of a construction technique recognized in 2018 as World Heritage by Unesco



Due to its orographic conditions, which create impediments to mechanization, Valtellina is in fact rightfully among the territories protected by CERVIM (Center for Research, Studies, Safeguard, Coordination and Enhancement for Mountain Viticulture), an international body born with the specific assignement of promoting and safeguarding heroic viticulture.

With its vineyards climbing up to the sky, mountain viticulture is unique, viable only with great passion and by hand through a workload four times higher than the one needed to cultivate the vine in the hills, a task well summarized by the term Heroic Viticulture.


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