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Selected Italian Wines

For Worldwide Wine Importers

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Dear wine importer, if you are looking for a single point of contact for high quality Italian wines, Invinovini is your natural choice.

Finding a nice wine from a good winery is not always enough, we build strong relationship with our importers, and our first responsibility is to make sure they get what they need when they need it. We accomplish this nurturing great and fair  relationship with the wineries as well, with periodical checks, capability assessment and direct control of the quality by our own winemakers.

Wines purchased via Invinovini hold quality, fairness, optimal quality/price ratio, safety for you and your own customers, whatever the regions, or vintage, because we make sure it is like that.



Wines provided by Invinovini, are produced only by family owned wineries, boutique wineries and growers, no industrial product with us, this is the whole concept behind Invinovini portfolio.

Our network of wineries is made by  producers having great wines, capability to fulfill worldwide importer’s need and the understanding of how to support international markets. We select them for diversity, heritage, care, proud and passion they have for their own products, to ultimately delivery unique wines.



All the wines in our portfolio are quality controlled twice: by the winery and by our own winemaker. We select the juices for our wines, we taste the wines of our wineries every new vintage, we supervise the production to make sure importers like you will have not complains.


Pallets coming from several wineries of our network, are safely stored in our warehouse waiting zone, away from daily activities, so to preserve the integrity. Before loading to your shipper, pallets are handled and reorganized, to save as much as pallet and space possible, consequently your money are saved too.  


Single or multiple wineries, one region or many, your order with us or with our wineries, is always made available from a single location for your pick up. We take care of all the national transfers, all wines will be stored at our warehouse, your shipper will have only one take. Money saved.


We strive to make our offering to be the most convenient for you. We aim to provide you the optimal price/quality ratio for each single wine. Focusing on quality more than on brand awareness, all our saving is forwarded to you.


At Invinovini we like to be challenged on flexibility. There is no minimum quantity for a single wine, you can have mixed pallet for all the standard formats, private labels with even a single pallet order. And we are fast.


We understand the complexity of our Country: from one side many wine opportunities, on the other side all the difficulties to understand, reach and select them. We are linked with many wineries across Italy and we have a full knowledge of the trading wines dynamics. Share with us your wine need, we will find the best source solution for you.


In addition to our own branded wines, we have the ability and flexibility to manage the entire wine production and supply process for Private Wine Labels such as winemaking, label design, bottling, labelling and packaging, logistics including container load from just one location. Private labels projects benefit of the same quality we use for our own brands.

We have the ability to produce small to large volume of wine from the premium wine growing Italian regions. An extensive ready to use labels/brands offering, are available in our portfolio. Customers can design or supply their own labels to be used on our wide range of wines. This gives the customer brand-ownership and complete control over design, pricing, marketing, and distribution.



Attention: Access allowed only to professionals upon approval.

By registering at site you can view product’s price once you add them in your wish list. As customer you can forward your order via this site.

If you are new at site, register to get full access and build your price list with the wines of interest. It is free.

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